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Conference Employees

Adventist Retirement Plan Salary Reduction Agreement/Beneficiary Designation Form

Adventist Retirement Auto-Enrollment/Auto-Escalation Notification​ (2017)

Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Automobile Insurance Assistance Request

Calendar Event Registration Form

Continuing Education Application

Evangelistic Campaign Budget Form

Worker's Report, Monthly (PDF)

Worker's Report, Monthly, (Excel)

Pastoral Vacation Request

Travel and Expense Approval

School Forms

Annual Evaluation Follow-Up

Application for Acceleration

Application for Retention

Calendar Deviation Request

Calendar Event Registration Form

Closing Report K-12

Community Outreach Report

Computer Use Form

Continuing Education Application

Diplomas and Certificates Order Form

Educator Lifeline Forms Due At Conference Office Monthly

Employment Letter of Intent

Grading Policy

Minimum School Days Request

NAD Small School Survival Guide

NAD Small School Survival Forms

Projected Enrollment Form 

Proposed Budget

Request for Use of Alternative Instructional Materials

School Supplies for Teachers

Sharing Ideas at Work and Inservice Visitation

Substitute Teaching Report

Teacher Personal Day Request Form

Teachers Travel Report Form

Travel and Expense Approval

Tuition Waiver Authorization
(Use this link to the Pacific Union Conference Education website for a form to fill out online.  Click on #17)

Verification of TB Exam