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Leon Brown, Sr. 

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Conference. The Constitution and Bylaws states that the President of the Nevada-Utah Conference will serve as the chairman of the Conference Session and the Executive Committee, and act as the chief executive officer.




Some of the duties of the Chief Executive Officer include:

• Providing spiritual leadership to employees and the entire church membership

• Developing and leading a program that will fulfill the purpose of the Conference as outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws

• Being involved in the process of recruitment, training, and assignment of Conference employees

• Giving guidance and leadership to departmental directors of the Conference

• Serving as chairman and member of various boards and committees within the Conference, and promoting continuity with the total work of the church by also serving on boards and committees of denominational organizations and institutions

• Promoting communication between Conference leaders and members of the churches

The Conference President works closely with the Executive Secretary and the Treasurer in the management of the Conference and reports to the Conference Executive Committee and the constituency. The President also counsels and cooperates with the Pacific Union Conference, North American Division, and General Conference leadership.