Nevada-Utah Conference

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Office Staff
President, Ministerial Director
Dr. Leon B. Brown, Sr  email
     Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Ward  email

Executive Secretary
Carlos A. Camacho  email
Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Ward  email

Treasurer, Trust Director, ASI Director
Douglas Reeves  email

Noreen Vargas  email

ACS Associate Director
Debra Waggoner  email

ACS Director
Jerry Waggoner  email

Asian-Pacific Ministries Coordinator
Guillermo Gucilatar  email

Associate Treasurer
Mark Gutman  email

Education Superintendent
Eileen White  email
     Administrative Assistant:  Paultte Martinez  email

Hispanic Ministries Coordinator
Carlos Camacho   email

Literature Ministries Coordinator 
Joseph Cadiz email

Native-American Ministries Coordinator
[Vacant]  email

Office Facility Management, Administrative Assistant, Communications Director
Michelle Ward email

Regional Ministries Coordinator
Oneil Madden  email

Trust Officer, Stewardship Ministries
Mark Gutman  email


Women's Ministries Coordinator
Melody Darrow   email

Youth/Young Adults Director, Church Ministries Director, Health/Temperance Director
Darriel Hoy  email